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The first months of opening a business are critical.  Customers are unlikely to give a company a second chance, and a slow start can cripple cash flow at a time when you need funds to build your brand and business.  1st Launch was created to help get your business on track right out of the gate.

A common failure of many new business openings is relying on social and print media to handle the opening while they try to hire and train someone in their unique way of running the business.  1st Launch is an excellent alternative to that approach.   We bring years of “Launching” new companies, new territories for existing companies, and new “re-launches” for existing businesses.  1st Launch will hit the ground running.

We’ve launched numerous businesses, helping ensure that when the doors open, customers are familiar with your business and are excited about your opening.

And we develop a smooth transition, once open, we train your staff to take over and continue building on the success of your launch.

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What We Do

Our program begins with a detailed consult of your business. We customize and implement a plan by conducting a community assessment and comprehensive plan of attack to make a huge impact in the first 30 days before opening. The detailed plan of attack, incorporated with targeted networking, will make your grand opening a big event.

In addition, we line out plans for your staff and make initial introductions to community leaders, influencers, and essential customers, cutting the learning curve and creating an immediate impact at the time of opening.  We will:

  • Establish Relationships within the community, particularly in those areas that can influence your market.
  • Develop a networking plan for your business.
  • Set clear goals and expectations from the beginning

Coppell Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Our Initial Work Starts With:

  • SWOT analysis.
  • Creating a roadmap for community networking.
  • Develop a community profile. – What are the areas that we could benefit from by targeting?
  • Creating an event calendar seven months out.
  • Research and propose Advertising/Marketing opportunities.
  • Identify Community involvement opportunities.
  • Build relationships between your business and key organizations that make up your market. These could be schools, area industries, medical facilities or other local businesses and city officials.
  • Attend multiple networking groups
  • Continuous reporting to your management.

As we get closer to opening day, we will

  • Develop a plan of action for the first six months for the incoming marketer or current staff
  • Introduce your staff to community contacts
  • Prepare a binder for your marketer with contacts, cards, and info from the previous 60 days of information gathering.
  • As we enter the final stretch, we conduct daily meetings with your marketer and weekly meetings with your administration and address future opportunities and community profile.
  • Help with any, and all events. Including all networking events within the community.

About Us

Founder Dion Lampe

We have had the opportunity to help numerous businesses through the critical first-stages of launching a business. Our experience has led us to:

  • Create a vast business network across the state of Texas.
  • Wear many hats. From sweating in the morning at YMCA camps to afternoon meetings. Nothing is out of our scope of work
  • Spend 18 years of marketing in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
  • As an Ex-Coach and Recruiter, we can connect to anyone no matter what class or industry they are in
  • Participate in Networking groups from Ft. Worth to Texoma down to South Dallas. All forms of networking groups that cross over many industries and classifications.
  • Marketed Healthcare in all markets in DFW, reaching decision makers in every market.
  • Not afraid of any situation.
  • Can thrive in any situation on the fly.

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